Bay Area HQ Music: Australian Band Boy & Bear talks Hugh Jackman, Skinny Dipping, Touring the US, Karaoke & More!

Bay Area HQ’s Kirsten Moran caught up with two of the five members of the indie-rock folk Australian Band Boy and Bear, who were headlining the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco this past weekend. Their first album, Moonfire, won album of the year at the ARIA awards in Australia, and their second album Harlequin Dream is even better. David Hosking (vocals and guitar) and Killian Gavin (vocals and guitar) talked about their music, best food spread they’ve seen on tour, nature, Bourbon Street, Chris Isaac, and lots more. Watch the interview to see how fun these guys are, when they’re not making amazing music.  Check out Boy and Bear on iTunes and you can get all their social media links from their site: Boy and Bear. The song in the video is “Southern Sun.”

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