The Path Hulu Podcast: Weekly “PathCast” Recap is Live!

The Path Hulu Podcast

The Path Hulu Podcast: Weekly “PathCast” Recap is Live! Listen to the Bay Area HQ post-show companion to the compelling drama, “The Path,” on Hulu.

The Path Hulu Podcast

Listen to the Path on Hulu Podcast. The post show/recap series is live. Listen on iTunes or wherever podcasts can be downloaded.

The Path Hulu Podcast

The Path Hulu Podcast, available on iTunes, and everywhere else, is a an hour-long or so weekly post-show podcast that examines the scenes, performances, and themes found in the latest episode of the “The Path.” You can also listen to segments of interviews from Bay Area HQ with stars of the show. Add this RSS URL to your favorite podcast browser:
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The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 1, Pilot “What the Fire Throws”

Cal, back from three years in San Diego, leads The Meyerist Movement on a disaster relief mission in New Hampshire. Eddie returns home after completing his 6R training in Peru, where he saw a horrifying vision of the organization’s truth (IMDB).

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 2, “The Era of the Ladder”

Eddie and Sarah begin the Infidelity Rehab Program, while Hawk makes a new friend in Ashley, a popular girl his age who needs help with her family’s finances. Meanwhile, Cal offers to help a wealthy donor’s drug-addicted son (IMDB).

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 3, “A Homecoming”

Cal visits his estranged mother with the intent of putting her in an assisted living facility. Miranda Frank is brought to the New York compound to unburden, and with Cal gone, Sarah chooses to confront Miranda alone  (IMDB).

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 4, “The Future”

The compound receives a visit from two of The Movement’s elders for its annual Ascension Day picnic. Their arrival calls Cal’s leadership and the future of The Movement into question. (IMDB).

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 5, “The Hole”

Upon learning about Hawk’s ongoing relationship with Ashley, Eddie and Sarah find themselves at odds. Meanwhile, Abe meets with Alison and suspects The Movement may be involved in criminal activity. (IMDB).

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 6, “Breaking And Entering”

Sarah & Eddie have some unexpected house guests. Cal makes a “mistake.” Hawk and Ashley’s relationship evolves. And Sarah sees how the other half lives.

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 6.5, BONUS INTERVIEW: Jessica Goldberg, “The Path” Creator

We are more than elated to share with our audience our recent interview with “The Path” creator, Jessica Goldberg. Hear the story of Dr. Steven Meyer in detail, and more of your “burning” questions answered! Make sure you listen carefully, as we mention stuff that happened in the first 6 episodes in the second half of the interview.

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 7, “Refugees”

After Cal’s actions beckon a swarm of media attention to the compound, Sarah and the elders question his tactics. Cal discovers Eddie’s secret relationship with Alison. Feeling his control slip away.

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 8, “The Shore”

Eddie brings Hawk along on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, while Cal struggles with the ugly reality of his own violent tendencies. Nicole’s labor becomes troubled, and Sarah performs a miracle to save the child. Cal, in a moment of weakness, tells Sarah a secret about Eddie.

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 9, “A Room of One’s Own”

Sarah meets with Alison Kemp after discovering Eddie’s burner phone; Eddie and Hawk return home; Sarah confronts Eddie about his crisis of faith; Cal asks Sarah to be his second-in-command.

The Path Hulu Podcast – Episode 10 (Season 1 Finale), “The Miracle”


Eddie faces exile after his crisis of faith is discovered by The Movement. Cal delivers the final three rungs of The Ladder to the congregation, while Sarah learns a dark secret about The Movement. Eddie, seeking answers.

About “The Path” on Hulu

The Path follows a family at the center of a controversial cult movement as they struggle with relationships, faith, and power. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the gravitational pull of belief and what it means to choose between the life we live and the life we want. The series blends elements of mystery-thriller, romance, and mysticism. The Path comes to Hulu from Universal Television and Jason Katims’ True Jack Productions. The show was created by Jessica Goldberg who will write and executive-produce the series, along with Katims and Michelle Lee of True Jack Productions.

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