WATCH: Alexa Davalos & Luke Kleintank talk Geocaching!

WATCH: Alexa Davalos & Luke Kleintank talk Geocaching! – Watch Ally Williams talk The Beatles, binge-watching, & more with the stars of the new Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle.” Viewers can now watch all 10, hour-long, action-packed episodes on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and on the Amazon Instant Video App available virtually everywhere.

Based on Philip K. Dick’s Hugo Award-winning 1962 alternate history novel, one-hour drama series THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE explores what would have happened if the Allied Powers had lost World War II. Some 15 years after that loss, the United States and much of the world has now been split between Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, the dominating global powers. As tension mounts between the two hegemonic states, a resistance starts to grow as the United States citizens rise against the oppressive regimes.

While Germany controls much of the East Coast and Japan controls the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains have become a “neutral zone” — and ground zero for a rebellion, led by a mysterious figure known only as “the Man in the High Castle.” As people struggle with freedom, fear, equality, diversity and ideology, others accept their lives, as compromised and unfulfilling as it may be. After some enigmatic films surface with a history different than their own, some citizens begin to question their own history, reality and the government’s information. Among them are heroes, leaders, spies, pacifists, tyrants, rebels, enablers and sympathizers.


Following high school graduation in Maryland, Luke began his professional career and made his debut in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Soon after, he began his co-star role as ‘Elliot’ on the hit series, “Gossip Girl.”

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Luke landed multiple roles, including guest stars on such shows as “Parenthood,” “CSI: Miami,” “Greek,” “Law & Order: LA,” “The Good Wife,” and recurring on “Person of Interest.”

Luke also completed a recurring role on the ABC drama series, “No Ordinary Family” as well as the continuing role of medical intern ‘Finn Abernathy’ on the hit Fox series “Bones.”  He has recurred as well on the popular teen drama, “Pretty Little Liars.

On the film side, Luke recently starred in the family drama, “Max,” opposite Thomas Haden Church for director Boaz Yakin; he also had a lead in the sports themed indie film, “1000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story;” as well as the dramatic thriller, “Sacrifice,” opposite Dermot Mulroney and Executive Produced by Forest Whitaker; and “Phantom Halo,” for director Antonia Bogdanovich, which premiered at the 2014 Austin Film Festival.

As Juliana Crain

Alexa Davalos stars as “Juliana Crain” in the Amazon series, “The Man in the High Castle.” Most recently, she appeared in Frank Darabont’s “Mob City,” a crime drama set in Los Angeles during the 1940s and ’50s, as well as Darabont’s Stephen King horror adaptation of “The Mist.”

Among her long list of television and film credits, Davalos portrayed ‘Andromeda’ in “Clash of the Titans.” Additionally, she is known for her work in Ed Zwick’s “Defiance,” and Robert Benton’s “Feast of Love.” In 2004, she made her feature film debut as ‘Kyra,’ the heroine in the 2004 futuristic fantasy film “The Chronicles of Riddick.”

 Cast Highlights:

Luke Kleintank as Joe Blake

Alexa Davalos as Juliana Crain

Rupert Evans as Frank Frink

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Tagomi

Joel de la Fuente as Inspector Kido

Rufus Sewell as John Smith

DJ Qualls as Ed McCarthy

Series Developed By:
Frank Spotnitz

Executive Producers:
David Semel (Pilot), Frank Spotnitz, Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Stewart Mackinnon and Christian Baute (Headline Pictures), Isa Dick Hackett (Electric Shepherd), Christopher Tricarico, , Jace Richdale, Richard Heus


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