WATCH: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Giants’ Matt Duffy

WATCH: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Giants’ Matt Duffy – Last night, the San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Champion and rookie sensation Matt Duffy graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures at Lefty’s Sports Cards in Burlingame. Of course, aside from his solid and clutch plate performance this season, everyone also knows three things about Matt Duffy: He has a large cat named “Skeeter.” His nickname is “The Duffman,” after the Simpsons character. And he was an unsuspecting victim of a sneaky low blow by Matt Cain for laughs, right in the middle of the Giants’ special day at the White House. But, we set out to find even more about Duffy, who was a blast during our interview, doing his best “Uncle Joey” imitation, which was only fitting because of his spot-on Dave Coulier in the Giants Full House promo spot (make sure you also check out “Full House” night at AT&T Sept. 30.)

Watch Kirsten Moran’s interview with the super down-to-earth guy who hit 2 for 4, with 1 RBI in the Giants’ 10-3 win vs. the Padres, and went straight to a meet and greet with fans. You’ll find out:

What Matt Duffy has collected from his playing days so far
Matt Duffy’s favorite Super Hero
Matt Duffy’s favorite Movie
Matt Duffy’s favorite Video Game (besides Call of Duty)
Matt Duffy’s Spirit Animal

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