2016 Maxim Super Bowl Party in SF: EXCLUSIVE Interview!

Maxim Super Bowl Party Treasure Island San Francisco 2016 Super Bowl 50

Maxim Super Bowl Party 2016 in SF: EXCLUSIVE Interview! Maxim Super Bowl 50 Party Details, Interview – Karma International has 50,000 sq. ft of Treasure Island for celebrities, Maxim Models, & VIPs. We have arranged for Bay Area HQ & Super Sunday HQ viewers to have an exclusive code to get tickets to the invite-only Maxim Big Game Party on Treasure Island. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS & TABLES TO THE MAXIM PARTY WHILE THEY LAST. INVITE CODE: SSHQ


The Maxim Super Bowl Party

For the last decade, The Maxim Party has been in a class all its own as one of the most sought-after parties of the year. In 2016, Maxim is partnering with Karma International and heading to the San Francisco Bay Area to once again raise the bar for its over-the-top nightlife events.

MAXIM is a luxury brand known both nationally and internationally for bringing in top-tier talent, celebrity presence, tastemakers, influencers, and mass media press coverage to culturally celebrated events. Karma International is an exclusive, private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational individuals both socially & professionally.

The 2016 Maxim Party is taking place on Treasure Island – 4 miles from downtown San Francisco at a 50,000 sq ft waterfront party center and pavilion with amazing views of the city, bay, and bridges, featuring a premium ultra lounge with concert sound, theatrical lighting/effects, full LED video walls and risers for exclusive VIP tables on multiple levels. The event will include multiple interactive areas, including the Dodge Thrill Rides Experience.

The Maxim Super Bowl Party Interview

As the leader in Super Bowl event news, Super Sunday HQ, tracked down one of the men behind The 2016 Maxim Party, Dylan Marer. Marer is the CEO & Executive Producer of Karma International, the official and exclusive event production company for The 2016 Maxim Party and the sole source for access to tickets to the world-renown event.


Marer, an acclaimed celebrity event producer, is a highly successful entrepreneur who, with his partners and team, has built an empire-of-sorts over the last 10 years creating one-of-a-kind luxury events for the world’s elite. You’d never know it, though, as he is as well-grounded and down-to-earth as anyone we have come across. Read further to hear about how he was given the keys to this legendary bash, where they get all those gorgeous women, and more interesting preliminary details on the big event.

Super Sunday HQ: How did Karma International move into the role of producing The Maxim Party  this year?

Marer:  Karma has been producing some of the biggest and best parties out there. It’s no surprise that we eventually hit Maxim’s radar. And once that happened, it wasn’t long before we began discussions on how to best  combine our efforts. The first venture we did together was Maxim Halloween in 2015 at a pretty opulent estate in Beverly Hills with A-list talent, celebrity guests, and amazing production theatrics tailored to the occasion. We were thrilled with the response and the many positive write-ups in the press. Based on the success of that event, we decided to continue and extend our partnership for The 2016 Maxim Party, taking place on February 6, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. So while our relationship with Maxim is relatively young, it’s been rife with success, so we’re off to a great start.

Super Sunday HQ: We’ve seen groups like Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows and HWOOD associated with The Maxim Party. How do they fit in?

Marer:  While we’re not at liberty to confirm any involvement just yet, Karma does favor working with HWOOD to bring in the right crowd, elite guests and celebrities. Additionally, Karma has a number of marketing affiliates around the world that range from nightclub and hospitality groups to casino hosts and concierge companies, and we align with those groups when producing our events in order to bring in some of the top VIP guests and clients from around the world. Our events generally have relatively steep ticket prices, starting at approximately $1,000, with VIP Packages starting at $10,000 and going up to $25,000 plus. We really seek to connect with the elite VIP crowd, and the way that we’ve been able to do that over the last ten years is to align ourselves with these hospitality groups and nightlife access groups. In addition to that, Karma is a private membership organization that’s comprised of those very people, so our members are CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc. and they seek the curated lifestyle that Karma provides and the events that Karma produces.

Super Sunday HQ: The Maxim Party tickets appear to be priced at $950 right now. Will they stay that way, and do Karma Members get a discount?

Marer: Guests who have an invite code can buy up to 10 tickets and VIP Table packages as well. The tickets that we have available through our network are $950. It’s important to note that the tickets start at $950 and they do go up as we get closer to the event, and closer to selling out.  We do, however, give our members a preferred price on that $950 as well. So if a member wants to buy a ticket to the event, they can buy a ticket to the event at 20% off – right now that’s $760. Our members can login to our Karma Member Lounge, which is only available to account-holders, to purchase tickets to the event. They’ll also get the same level of discount off of the table packages as well.  These are people who are paying $3,000 a year to be members. So to those members who like to go big and really go VIP, who are purchasing, for example, the $25,000 package, 20% (or $5,000) off is a meaningful number. If you’re paying $3,000 a year to be a member, that’s a pretty good ROI.

Super Sunday HQ: What is the layout for the Maxim Party on Treasure Island?

Marer: We are all about over-the-top production design for all of our events and venues, and we feel that this year’s design for the Treasure Island venue will definitely be OVER THE TOP and then some.  We have secured a 50,000 square foot, waterfront site that allows us to be creative in every aspect of the party layout & design.  The Maxim Party site features a huge party pavilion with windows overlooking the bay with city lights and bridge views.  It will have a main stage in the center with raised VIP decks flanking either side, allowing for super exclusive tables on multiple levels with prime views of the stage and performances, making it a really cool Ultra Lounge. So if you’re part of the table group and have a table package, then you’ll have access to those risers where you can go to your table and kind of mix and mingle amongst the tables, dance, and party, all as a part of a VIP package. If you are a celebrity guest or a press guest, then we will have a separate area that’s specific to celebrities and select invited guests as well. Additionally, inside the main pavilion will be multiple bars featuring specialty drinks, gourmet hors d’ oeuvres stations, interactive areas, and artistic live art vignettes. Highlights of The Maxim Party will not only include the main stage performances, theatrical lighting, and concert level sound, but also several unique activations including the opportunity to participate in the Dodge Thrill Rides Experience. Our guests will have the opportunity to feel the acceleration as a professional driver takes you on a spin around our waterfront driving course.

Super Sunday HQ: What if it rains? Will the area be tented?

Marer: Most of our site is covered.  The main pavilion is actually more than a tent: it’s a temporary building with climate control, with attached tent structures surrounding it.  We’re talking about something that’s 50,000 square feet, so it’s pretty big. We’re not putting in a temporary building, ultra lounge and tenting just because we need to anticipate rain; we’re tenting it because that’s the best way to create an enclosed party pavilion that has an amazing energy and structure to it. There will be ancillary areas around and outside the main pavilion that will feature different sponsor activations. It’s a killer campus to create an event on.

Super Sunday HQ: What is the capacity?

Marer: Not something we’re ready to disclose, but, suffice it to say, it’s gonna be a big party. With Karma involved in the production, it’s most likely going to be the biggest Maxim party that’s ever been in proximity to the big game weekend. I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

Super Sunday HQ: We’ve heard of other parties flying in girls to be in the crowd at these events. Are you doing that?

Marer: We don’t really fly them in, per se.; they show up on their own. Maxim has a tremendous reputation for doing events with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Some of those women have obviously graced the pages of Maxim, as well, and those ladies are typically at the top of the guest list for these events. In addition, for our Maxim associated events, we work with our affiliates, nightlife and hospitality groups to conduct a casting process to select beautiful & stylish people who will receive what we call sponsor tickets.  We already have a database of thousands  who want to get into our events, and we have had thousands already apply for The 2016 Maxim Party. When they qualify for the style parameters, they will be granted a sponsor ticket whereby our sponsors will be paying for the majority of their ticket to come to the event, and they’ll be responsible for paying just a small token registration fee to make sure they’re committed and will be showing up.

Super Sunday HQ: What is the girl-to-guy ratio you strive for at the Maxim Super Bowl Party?

Marer: Let’s just say that we are making it a definite point to ensure that this event will be have the best ratio of any of the similar surrounding events that weekend.

Super Sunday HQ: Past Maxim parties have had themes like Comic Book Heroes, Carnival, etc. Will this event have a theme?

Marer:  It’s more about the over-the-top party experience and stylish atmosphere than anything. As far as dress code, people can expect to come in upscale nightclub, fashionable attire. It will be a posh party in celebration of the national football championship game that weekend, and we intend to pull out all the stops to make it the most extravagant party experience that Maxim or Karma has created to date.

Super Sunday HQ: What to wear at the Maxim Super Bowl Party?

Marer: The go-to outfit to wear would be something you’d see at an upscale Hollywood or Premium Las Vegas nightclub, so for guys that would look like, generally, darker colors and possibly a coat. For ladies that would be nice cocktail attire – something to that effect.

Super Sunday HQ: How will The Maxim Party be different from the other big parties during Super Bowl Weekend?

Marer: Maxim is more of a purist party experience rather than what otherwise may be a bit more of a corporate experience.  The greatest parties are like great cocktails…you have to have all the right ingredients, and The Maxim Party definitely does. The Maxim Party is likely to attract people who are looking to have more…fun. The event will definitely have the best ratio of stylish and beautiful ladies, so there will be more revelry. It will include an A-list performer, but more in an intimate lounge setting (as opposed to an arena),  curated DJs to take the guests on an ultimate ride, and concert-style sound and lighting. We’ll have more over-the-top themed elements and production, video walls, and things that really create kind of a sensory overload experience that we hope that our guests are going to remember for the rest of their lives. We expect the other parties will likely be great. But I don’t think any of them will create the same level of experience like we’ll have at The Maxim Party. The Maxim Party is known for having some of the best looking people and the most exciting sponsor activations. It’s going to be at a killer venue and bottom line, it’s just going to be a lot of fun.

Super Sunday HQ: How will people get a glimpse at the celebs at at the Maxim Super Bowl Party?

Marer:  We will have celebrity performances taking place up on a main stage. So if you’re anywhere in that main party pavilion, you should be able to see that main celebrity performer. As far as other celebrity guests, they will be walking the red carpets, participating in the interactive areas, roaming around the VIP decks, and generally joining in on the fun. We feel that there definitely will be an excessive amount of celebrities and sports stars there, so your chances of meeting somebody are probably higher than anywhere else you’d be that night.

Super Sunday HQ: Finally, what about the food at the Maxim Super Bowl Party?

Marer: We are working with some great sponsors with very reputable restaurant brands to provide delectable food on interactive gourmet food stations and tray-passed hors d’ oeuvres that will add to the event and party experience.

As mentioned, we have arranged for Bay Area HQ & Super Sunday HQ viewers to have an exclusive code to get tickets to the invite-only Maxim Big Game Party on Treasure Island. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS & TABLES TO THE MAXIM PARTY WHILE THEY LAST. INVITE CODE: SSHQ

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