49ERS SING ONE DIRECTION! Bruce Miller & Kendall Gaskins Interview

49ERS SING ONE DIRECTION! Bruce Miller & Kendall Gaskins Interview – Watch Marlu Silva’s fun and exclusive interview with two great guys, San Francisco 49ers Bruce Miller & Kendall Gaskins, at Milo’s Collectibles in San Jose last night. Both players appeared at the shop to sign autographs, pose for photos, and spend quality time talking to their fans. Get to know Bruce  & Kendall, find out who their favorite pro wrestlers are, which teammates they would give Christmas presents to, and what advice they have for young football players. They also have some fun trying to perform One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” Be sure to follow the 49ers FB Bruce Miller (UCF) on Instagram as well as RB Kendall Gaskins (University of Richmond).

On Sunday, the 49ers will travel to Seattle, with Blain Gabbert as QB, in his first game ever against the Seahawks. When asked what word comes to mind when thinking of Seattle, Bruce Miller replied “Noise.” Kendall Gaskins said “Physical.” Both players are ready for the challenge this weekend, and are looking forward to more wins. “Wins. We need some more wins. And just watching our team grow together. We have quite a few young guys and new faces on our roster so it’s been nice to watch the team chemistry build and watch those guys develop and become pros.” Gaskins agreed with the team goal of improving every week, “One of our goals is to try to get better. Become better teammates. Become better human beings at the end of the day.”

Fans watching the game this week should also keep an eye on Torrey Smith, who is has been emerging as the team’s best deep threat. He’ll have his hands full this week, as Richard Sherman will likely cover him again. The game starts at 1:25PM on Fox.

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