Cinequest 2017 Red Carpet Highlights w/Indie Filmmakers

Cinequest 2017 Red Carpet Highlights w/Indie Filmmakers – Watch Featured Filmmakers and Actors Talk about their Movies! Catch one of the Films this Week before the Festival Ends on March 12th!

Cinequest 2017 Red Carpet Highlights Prodigy Savannah Liles

Cinequest 2017 – Recently Bay Area HQ caught up with several actors, filmmakers, and producers on the Cinequest red carpets for some fun interviews. We talked to a CEO, the director of the award-winning “Jeremy” music video by Pearl Jam, the man who played Casey Affleck’s dad in Manchester By the Sea, a Mad Men star, an American Idol semi-finalist, and many more notable artists. There’s still time to catch some remaining premieres, showings, and special events at Cinequest (in both Redwood City and San Jose). And don’t forget Saturday’s big day, with a Maverick award presentations to Portlandia and SNL star Fred Armisen, and Best in Show and Glee alum Jane Lynch.

Cinequest Visionary Leader Award Winner – Maureen Fan, CEO of Baobab Studios (VR Animation)

Cinequest 2017 – The Prodigy – A terrifying game of strategy and wits between a dangerous young genius and a psychologist 

Cinequest 2017 – The Sounding – An outlier rebels against a world reluctant to embrace her voice.

Cinequest 2017 – The Valley – Amidst a culture where connection is almost impossible to maintain, how do we choose to live?

Cinequest 2017 – Remembrance – In this heart-pounding dramatic thriller, a resourceful young woman uses a breakthrough memory recall technology to solve the mystery of her twin sister’s disappearance.

Cinequest 2017 – The Bullish Farmer – From Wall Street to his very own organic farm, an inspiring and powerful journey. (Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award)

Cinequest 2017 – The Dunning Man – Broke, single, and desperate. You’d think he would have learned by now.

Cinequest 2017 – Cadence – A real fantasy. A true nightmare. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – Glowworm – Inheriting a large farm in rural New England after her Grandfather’s sudden death, Emma travels North to say goodbye to the man she barely knew, and sell the land.  (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – Le Petit Mort – When a virginal girl follows her lover into a mysterious forest, a twist of fate wrenches them apart forever. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – New Chefs on The Block – Chasing the scrumptious dream of chef-stardom, first-hand. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – Painless – Most of us try to avoid pain. He has spent his entire life trying to find it. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – Real Artists – In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job. But when she discovers the truth of the modern ‘creative’ process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – The Circle – A reflection from the world of children, addressing various layers of oppression towards diversity that aim to impose monotypic ‘coexistence’ for all those who are different than the ‘majority’ in power. (interview coming tomorrow)

Cinequest 2017 – What if it Works? – Love is crazy. (interview coming tomorrow)


Cinequest 2017 – Lovesick – Falling in love is easy; falling out is the hard part.

Cinequest 2017 – The Last Word – (Opening Night Film, interview with Director Mark Pellington coming tomorrow)


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