WATCH: Interviews with the Cast of Sense8 at the Red Carpet Premiere in San Francisco!

Bay Area HQ was on the red carpet last night as Hollywood visited the Metreon in San Francisco for the premiere  of Sense8, a new original series from Netflix.Watch fun interviews with the cast: Daryl Hannah, Naveen Andrews, Tuppence Middleton, Jamie Clayton, Christian Oliver, Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith, Ness Bautista, Aml Ameen, Tina Desai, Eréndira Ibarra, Freeman Agyeman, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Sense8 is about 8 people connected all around the world who, after experiencing a violent vision, are able to see, feel, hear and talk to each other as if they are in the same place. Not only must these eight adapt to this new ability and to each other, they must figure out what happened and why and what it means for the future of humanity, while being hunted by an organization out to capture, kill or vivisect them. Sense8 will premiere on Netflix June 5th.

Watch Marlu Silva as she catches all the action on the red carpet.

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