Watch Live Painting of “Macho Man” Randy Savage live for free at Wrestlemania Axxess!

WrestleMania Artist

Pro wrestling portrait artist Rob Schamberger will be painting a portrait of “Macho Man” Randy Savage live at the entrance of WrestleMania Axxess. One does NOT need a ticket to watch and talk to Rob. As you may know, Savage leads this year’s class of WWE Hall of Fame inductees. In addition to painting live outside of Axxess in the three days leading up to WrestleMania 31, Rob will also debut his first WWE art book at Axxess. His art will also be available to purchase. *The Immortal Showcase* features Schamberger’s individual paintings of the first 30 WrestleManias, as seen on WWE’s popular Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube series. The 40-page art book also includes an introduction written by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Rob’s profile and popularity among fans and the wrestlers continues to grow. His work is regularly featured on the WWE Auctions and Shop WWE websites.

The WrestleMania Series will see artist Rob Schamberger paint separate pieces for each WrestleMania event. Schamberger intends to have all thirty paintings done in time for the 31st WrestleMania. “After painting live at WrestleMania 30 Axxess in New Orleans, I first-hand saw how important this event is to people from around the world, inspiring me to create this body of work,” said Schamberger. Each Monday in the weeks leading into WrestleMania 31, Rob’s Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube videos for WWE will show the process for making some of the paintings the celebrate the pinnacle of sports entertainment. ”

WrestleMania I hits the canvas:
WrestleMania 29 hits the canvas”:
WrestleMania X-Seven hits the canvas:

Watch all of Rob Schamberger’s paintings From 2014!:
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