WATCH: Sarah Silverman Talks “I Smile Back” At 38th Mill Valley Film Festival

WATCH: Sarah Silverman Talks “I Smile Back” At 38th Mill Valley Film Festival – Check out the Bay Area HQ TV interview with the outspoken stand-up comedian, author, and Hollywood star. We get Sarah talking about the Bay Area, why she’s attracted to making polarizing art, and what it’s like to go from someone like Vanellope in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph to her latest role in I Smile Back, which takes her to the darkest of places. Silverman has used her singular voice to reach across multiple platforms, including television (Saturday Night Live,The Sarah Silverman Show, Mr. Show), autobiography (The Bedwetter), and film (Take This Waltz). The movie starts showing in theatres on October 23rd.

The Mill Valley Film Festival Spotlight featured an onstage conversation with Sarah Silverman, a screening of I Smile Back, and the presentation of the MVFF Award in recognition of her breakthrough performance. Silverman was glowing, gracious, and gladly posed for photos with children, animals, and patrons of the festival as you can see in our segment.


Sarah Silverman makes a groundbreaking departure from her comedic roots with this astonishing portrait of a troubled woman desperately looking for a path to redemption. playing a new Jersey housewife in thrall to addiction and compulsive behavior, the actress is a revelation, delivering a courageous, bare-all performance. US 2014, 85 min Director Adam Salky



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